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 Sex Saturated Society

Sex Saturated Society


Making Sense of a Sex Saturated Society - James C Parker
PAL  16:9 HD
Running Time: 98mins

Are you concerned about the overt sexualization of society? Have you ever wondered why some nations have recently begun to embrace and celebrate sexual concepts previously unheard of such as transsexualism and same-sex marriage? Do you want to try and better understand your own sexual identity, or that of a loved one?
In this vibrant DVD presentation, James Parker shares from his experience of walking alongside literally hundreds of men and women in their sexual pain and confusion, sharing some of the common themes that are increasingly being silenced in the public square today. 
Speaking also from his own experience, having lived a long-term committed homosexual relationship and then a heterosexual relationship, he brings common sense to many of the challenges facing a society saturated by sex. 
James Parker was fostered, adopted, experienced prolonged childhood sexual abuse and later became a gay activist. A personal encounter with Christ changed his life journey dramatically.

He has served across the Christian community internationally: travelling and speaking globally when based at the Vatican, assisting three cardinals, directing programs within the Evangelical church, and chairing one of the world’s largest ever ecumenical initiatives at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Today he writes, teaches and broadcasts internationally on sexual related matters bringing firsthand experience and fresh insight to some of contemporary society’s biggest questions.


Making Sense of a Sex Saturated Society from ARTS MEDIA PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

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