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The Virtue of Chastity - Father John Flader

The Virtue of Chastity - Father John Flader

The Virtue of Chastity - Father John Flader
PAL  16:9  HD
Running Time: 53mins

During the 20th Century, the Western World experienced the "“Sexual Revolution”". This was the shift in sexual behaviour, giving birth to a culture of widespread sexual immorality. As a result, the virtue of Chastity has been forgotten and is no longer sought or valued. Prominent Catholic speaker Father John Flader speaks to an audience of 200 young people, reminding us of the objective happiness experienced in living out this virtue. He explains the love God has for everyone, and that we are all called to receive and share this love with others. Love does not ask "“How far can I go before offending you?"” but “"What can I do to please you?”", a question applicable in our relations with both God and our partner. Nonetheless, we must know the sins that offend Our Lord and that also cause great harm to oneself. Father Flader speaks explicitly of fornication, masturbation and pornography, describing their destructive effects. However, in saving contrast, he gives guidance on how to avoid these sins and how to grow in chastity in order to have a happy and loving relationship with both God and our partner.


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