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Choose Life - Father John Flader

Choose Life - Father John Flader

Choose Life - Why Abortion and Contraception are Wrong - Father John Flader
PAL  16:9  HD
Running Time: 56mins

Looking back at WWII, considering the holocaust by several nations, we wonder how these horrific and morally evil acts could take place. Yet today, especially in the "developed" Western World, we fail to see the modern holocaust of a greater injustice, namely, the frequent mass killings of the innocent unborn. This comes from, what John Paul II called, the "culture of death". Ultimately, people are failing to recognise the dignity and value attached to every human life, considering the new born a burden, thus allowing abortions and promoting contraception, when the reality of new life is a blessing. Within this presentation, Father Flader explicitly discusses why abortion and contraception are wrong in the context of God's original plan for the sexual union within marriage. Essentially, the matrimonial sexual union allows us to continue and participate in God's act of creation as we also further reflect God's image, The Trinity. After considering God's plan, we are able to clearly see how abortion and contraception are gravely offensive sins, which completely conflict with God's divine plan. We hope you not only enjoy this presentation, but also learn the material to share with the world and promote the good news of life and love.


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