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The Coming of Christ

The Coming of Christ

Prophecies Concerning the Coming of Christ - Robert M. Haddad

Multi-pack Both DVD & CD

PAL 16:9 HD

Running Time: 75min


In this presentation Robert Haddad outlines over thirty Old Testament prophecies identified by the Gospel writers as referring to the future Messiah and fulfilled by Jesus of Nazareth. These prophecies are contained in books written over a span of thirteen centuries and predict all the principal aspects of the Messiah's life, including his birth, preaching, miracles, betrayal, passion death, resurrection and glorification in Heaven. There are also prophecies concerning the destruction of Jerusalem and the triumph of the Church. This is a must see presentation and one that should be distributed to all people of good will, including Jews, Moslems and atheists.



Prophecies Concerning the Coming of Christ from ARTS MEDIA PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

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