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Why is there suffering in the world? - Robert Haddad

Why is there suffering in the world? - Robert Haddad

Why is there suffering in the world? - Robert Haddad    
PAL 16:9  HD         
Running Time: 77mins        


This is one of the most perplexing questions that has confronted humanity since the beginning of civilisation. No one wishes to suffer; we all wish suffering could be eradicated from the human condition. Nevertheless, suffering is an ever-present reality in the lives of each individual and society as a whole - pain, sickness, disease, famine, floods, plagues, earthquakes, wars - the sources of suffering are numerous.
Where is God in all this? If God is good, why does he allow us to suffer? If God is all-powerful, why can't he stop suffering? These are questions Christians and people of good will ask almost every day.
This talk by Robert Haddad examines Scripture to outline the origins of suffering, namely sin, and why God allows it to affect the human condition. Though an evil in itself, God allows suffering to afflict us for our spiritual benefit and the certainty of a greater good arising from it. Furthermore, through Jesus Christ, God has intervened in the world to give us the ultimate lesson in coping with suffering and how it has a 'redemptive value.' Finally, Christ has won the victory over suffering through his resurrection, a victory that all who believe and obey him will share in at the General Resurrection on the Last Day.


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