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All Roads Lead to Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome

All Roads Lead to Rome - Why The Pope is Important -  Robert Haddad     
PAL 16:9 HD        
Running Time: 54mins

The Papacy has been in existence for 20 centuries, founded by Jesus Christ upon the rock of St Peter. As an institution it has outlasted all other kingdoms and empires since the days of ancient Rome. Yet not all Christians are willing to be in communion with the modern day successor to St Peter, the Pope. There are some who even despise the Pope, hold him in contempt and deny that he has any authority. This includes, sadly, some Catholics.
In this presentation Robert Haddad outlines the Biblical foundation for the Papacy and how the first Pope, St Peter, was central in the life of the early Church. Robert especially examines Matt. 16, Luke 22, John 21 and Acts 15 to establish the Papacy's foundation in Christ and draws from Patristic and historical evidence to prove that St Peter did live in Rome and that his successors who were prevailed upon on many occasions to resolve important disputes in the Church. This function, among others, continues in the Papacy today.


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