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Hell is Eternal

Hell is Eternal


Hell is Eternal - Robert M. Hadddad
PAL 16:9  HD
Running Time: 80mins


Hell is not a topic most people want to speak about. In fact, it is rarely mentioned in the pulpit and most Catholic educational institutions even discourage reference to it. Furthermore, there are many theologians and clerics who positively deny the existence of Hell or its eternity. In doing so, they regurgitate heresies of the past and cause enormous damage to minds and souls. Nevertheless, anyone reading the Gospels would notice that John the Baptist and Jesus Christ made many extensive mentions of Hell and eternal damnation. In this presentation, Robert Haddad outlines these many quotes and goes on to argue why teaching about Hell is a necessary part of any good and balanced Catholic teaching program.



Hell is Eternal - Robert M. Haddad from ARTS MEDIA PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

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